Neighborhood Association

Indianapolis, Indiana

Located just north of downtown Indianapolis, King Park is a welcoming residential and commercial community of neighborhoods, providing a full range of housing options, economic opportunities, community services, educational choices, and recreational opportunities for a diverse population. The mission of King Park Development Corporation is to build resilient and inclusive neighborhoods through comprehensive community development that offer access to high-quality housing, economic prosperity, and social opportunities for all residents regardless of income. For more information on King Park, visit 

The Kennedy King Memorial Initiative became a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization in 2015. The organization has big dreams and concrete plans to transform the Martin Luther King Park campus in Indianapolis into a center where people, institutions, and community partners can come together in bold dialogue and purposeful action. The violent deaths of Robert Kennedy and King call for candid and courageous conversations on how individuals, families and communities can address this scourge that wounds civil society. For more information on KKMI, visit